Scientific Inquiry of the MYTH of HINDUISM

It’s a precondition for me, that anything, before being declared as truth be able to withstand a scientific scrutiny. A scientific inquiry involves that the object of our scrutiny to be capable of being QUALIFIED, QUANTIFIED AND REPEATABLE, but when we come to an IDEA that is to be sanctified as truth then it should bear the questioning of all schools of thought and be able to answer every question thoroughly and satisfactorily. Lets take up the HINDU thought for this; our first inquiry before we can even go ahead with seeing what it says. When the first MODERN WESTERN man set foot on the shores of India he was confronted with a complex system of beliefs castes and creeds. Thinking on the lines of the straight- forward WESTERN THINKING process; what I would tentatively say was empirical in nature; the enquirers who saw the complexity of the whole thought systems found it safer to label it as something akin to African Tribal MUMBO-JUMBO rather than hazard a guess and end up being laughed at by their peers. And once the new land was completely conquered politically then it was safer to Label HINDU PHILOSOPHY as Mumbo-Jumbo. That took almost 200 yrs. Despite of many serious attempts by western philosophers, Hindu thought has been elusive to the other half of the world. The attempts were too few and too cliche ridden. I am going to make this attempt. I would also like it very much if I can get anybody interested in Philosophy to challenge my arguments, analyse them and generally make my life miserable for my postulates until I can argue myself out of them convincingly. SO HERE GOES NOTHING. More will surely follow….


The first thing we have to understand about any society, or group of people, is to know the circumstances and inputs that went into creating the improvement in the  CIVILIZATION of the said people.