The first myth: Aryan Migration into India

It has been generally believed that the Aryan Race originated somewhere in the central regions of Europe. And then one fine day these Aryans who had been living a generally happy life suddenly decided to start looking for a better place to live. Something like looking for the Promised land of Milk&Honey to Moses. The proof that these people Migrated from somewhere else say the Caucasian Region that early Historians gave was the meager number of ancient settlements found in the Indus and the Saraswati river basins.

This has been the bane of most of the early researchers. It was their sheer conceit, that the only civilized people were from the West, and the most ancient one was the Egyptian one, and then the Greeks and Romans and these were the predecessors to the modern Western Civilization, and these were the only source of Human progress, for it became unthinkable for the then researchers that anyone except the European Civilization had anything to do with Science and mostly Mechanics, because these were the things that were making them World Conquerors. It was unthinkable for them that anyone with the intelligence and technology would remain content not to become World Rulers. Even today this is their Major problem, “why would anybody not do it if they are capable of doing it?”. Just a simple answer to this question appears too simple for them to comprehend and that is “maybe they chose not to do it”. So on the presumption that any Race which was capable of World Dominion, with the requisite technology and manpower was only possible after the Renaissance, and the Industrial Revolution, and that existed only in the west and Man was at the Dawn of the Age of Thought, had truly been embedded into the thoughts of of the then scientists and thinkers that they had to find a plausible explanation to the high level of civilization that they had Dug up in  Harappa and Mohenjodaro.

It was believed that the river Indus was the only river that flowed into the regions and the mention of the river Saraswathi in the Histories and Mythologies were considered to be just that- ‘myths’.

The first point is that there were not just two cities that had civilized society, with trade and commerce; has come to light from subsequent excavations till date. There are more than 400 of these sites that are yet to be fully studied.

The second point is that it has become clear that the river Saraswathi did exist, and it was not a figment of anyone’s imagination. This has also put the early researches and conclusions in the realm of sheer unadulterated baloney. It has also put the fallacy of their conclusions at stake. For e.g. if you dismiss the verbal histories as ‘myths’ that they put out for the scientific community at the time basing their argument on the absence of the Saraswathi, then dismissing the verbal lore as unfounded in reality becomes questionable for the simple truth is Saraswathi had existed when it did as claimed by the “MYTHS’

So where does it leave our LEARNED SCHOLARS? (they have even received recognition and accolades for their wonderful and DEEP research  – goes to show that all is not well that ends in the well) It leaves them where they started from NOWHERE.


And that brings us to the crux of the matter. The theory that  THE ARYANS had migrated into India in their quest for new settlements can safely be dismissed as a figment of  very imaginative Literetuers concocting stories (they are so hung up on the biblical EXODUS – come to think of it; the theory isn’t even original but reeks of biblical plagiarism – the so called scientists cant even bring themselves to put out any original theories; anyway lets be kind to the dead, the men as well as the theories and stop ridiculing the obviously RIDICULOUS ).

Let me not dwell in the obviously evident, and conclude that the ARYAN MIGRATION is a Myth created somewhere after the so called AGE OF SCIENCE started.

So where does that leave us? lets give a thought to three things.

1 Harappa and Mohenjodaro were not the only two abandoned cities.

2 The Saraswathi did exist and the claim laid to the so called ‘myths’ being ‘myths’ based on the assumption that the river was a mythical one raises serious issues about dismissing our verbal lore as unsubstantial. A re-look is very much called for, into them.

3 So what really is the story of THE ARYANS.

( mmmmm!, quite a lot to chew on, cuds!)