The name should have been self-explanatory but like all things on this earth it has gotten hi-jacked by many self-serving people and groups. Like the misuse of ‘Natural ‘and ‘Organic’ and it looks like you want to give it a definition. Let’s put it this way then:

  1. Conservation of LIFE is the primary goal.
  2. Admitting that the health of the EARTH is intrinsically intertwined with LIFE.
  3. Re-look at all the processes of Human endeavor which are purported to be PROGRESS.
  4. Establish a system of using resources WITHOUT DESTROYING the delicate balance of nature.
  5. PROCEED to restore the Health of the EARTH.

Well this sounds like some vague ivory tower Philosophy but the practical application of these principles will lead one to the practice of SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE. The actual practice of Sowing and Reaping, of Dairy Farming, of Poultry Farming, of Sheep Rearing, and so many more associated practices will vary from one geographical region to another but the principles mentioned should be the guides. To put it very shortly STOP RAPING THE EARTH. If we are under the illusion that Earth is a dead piece of dirt we will realize as we are already doing that it is not. It is a DYNAMIC ENTITY which keeps correcting all the imbalances. HUMANS are a part of this entity but not very important in the larger scheme of things. They may get eradicated in the re-balancing act. Just remember what happened to the Dinosaurs. Human life is equally inconsequential in the larger perspective of LIFE.

  Sounds like a Doomsday Soothsayer’s warning? Don’t get it wrong I am not personifying EARTH but we have worn the mantle of ‘CONSCIOUS THINKING BEINGS’ and it’s imperative that we behave as such.