The Outright Lies Being Touted About Solving the Problem of WORLD HUNGER.

Can industrialized farming solve the problem of World Hunger?

Food security can be achieved by each community becoming self sufficient. This calls in for the empowerment of the small farms which take care of local needs. If you are thinking that industrialization and large scale farming will solve the problem, then be assured that it wont change anything. Just think of this; the developing countries are the ones that are suffering from food shortages. They are the ones who cannot afford to have the green revolution tech; intensive farming. The solution to that is to encourage and support small farms and reduce the costs of inputs so that they will be able to stay afloat as well as fulfill the needs of their immediate neighbors. This is possible only through Organic Farming.
The other point you have to think about is that the production of Food if taken in totality is more than enough to feed the whole world and some to spare, but even when so much of food is being produced in the world why is more than half of the world going hungry? If solving world hunger was the aim of the developed and rich countries then it can be done right now by a more equitable distribution of food, but that has never happened and never will. The newer and newer technologies that are being researched into, in the name of solving the world hunger problem is nothing but an eye wash. It is obvious that the real reason for that is to “Control” the food production and supply. If more and more farmers start getting self sufficient and local communities start getting well fed and if these farmers stop depending on the industrialized products for farming, a major source of income will suddenly dry up for the (so called) developed countries. Looking at the precarious Economy that they are perched on and after having exhausted the Market for consumer goods their attention has turned to food production. That is the last frontier that has not been industrialized. If this opportunity is taken away from them then they will have nothing to look forward to, to save their sinking economies.That is why they are fighting tooth and nail to spread myths about Agriculture, and raising the bogey of food shortages. That is why they are running scared of Earth friendly self sustainable Agriculture. It will break their powerful grip on directing the World Economy. Think of this deeply and tell me what I say does not contain the Truth.



Does Pure water exist anywhere in our towns and cities today?

I read about an experiment conducted on water which was Microwaved. Two plants were watered with

1. plain tap water and

2.water after using micro-waves on it.

The second plant just died after a month of struggle. The rest of the conditions for the plants were same of course. What i mean to say is either we do not know much about water or even if someone has found out; a lot of the nature of water it is not yet widespread knowledge.

I do agree when people say that water was not Pure even in the early days. The definition of Purity needs to be examined. If purity means a Lab. specimen kind of purity then it was definitely not; but if purity means life sustaining, free from contaminants which cause incurable diseases then it was pure.

Another thing to be considered is that e-coli and other parasites are always there, but we should remember that man has evolved through millions of years in a SYMBIOTIC relationship. The human body has evolved to an extent where it can handle such impurities on it’s own using some to it’s benefit and some eliminated. The intestines are a host to hundreds of parasites and bacteria without which a lot of the food we eat will not be metabolized correctly. I wonder how many of us know that the Great hero in our blood stream, the “War Factory” the “Swat Team” the “Protein Factory” namely The Mitochondria DOES NOT HAVE HUMAN GENOMES indicating that it was adopted and nurtured by the human body in the process of evolution to serve it’s own well-being. Strictly speaking it is a PARASITE. But we do not survive for long if it is absent in us today.

I would rather go by “Pure enough” rather than just “Pure” in the Laboratory sense.

I can’t help but add one point here, and that is the claim of “Curative Properties” the most Famous being “The Waters Of The Grotto of Our Lady Of Lourdes”. Non-Believers say that it is “FAITH” and the Placebo effect of the human mind. It is not the only place which carries this property. There are many lesser known places. What I want to say as a Rationalist to the people who pooh pooh it, is, “How much do we know of WATER?”. Do we really know everything that there is to know about it?

When we show conceit of our own knowledge then all doors to Knowing bang shut.

When confronted with taste I believe that our tongues have evolved into recognizing and rejecting harmful stuff, unless of-course we get preconditioned by hypnotism of the ad-world. Now that’s a whole new kettle of different fish. What i want to emphasize is this, is it mot probable that our senses do have an ability to recognize and reject harmful things to our health. Remember the first cigarette of your life? or the first alcoholic drink? like many you might have felt a bit sick until you forced yourself to adopt to it. This inherent knowledge of our bodies gets adjusted to the toxins that we imbibe and in the end when our natural resistance to diseases is burdened with more than it is built for we get sick, really sick.

And that is what is happening all over the World, the bad food, the bad water, the bad air, meaning toxin filled stuff, is taking toll, and what are we doing about it?

We are doing the most stupidest of things that anyone can imagine, instead of stopping poisoning our lives we are just pouring in unimaginable amounts of ill afforded resources into finding “cures” for our maladies.

NONSENSE does not have limits I guess.


Are we eating good food today?

Agriculture as it is being practiced and promoted today is not sustainable. It is surviving in the Intensive Care Unit; Institutional support, Governmental Subsidies, Philanthropic help is what is keeping the whole exercise going. There is something very fundamentally wrong with our practices. The food that we eat today may LOOK better than what we ever produced before, but the various health problems faced by the World’s Population have been directly connected the nutrition in the food that is being produced. The food may have a lot of the basic proteins and carbohydrates that it should have but they have just that and maybe some of them only that without the VITAL trace vitamins and minerals that they OUGHT to have resulting in serious lack of health. It’s costing lives. Add to that the toxicity being imbued when chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used and this is just to the humans I am talking of. After that add the devastation it is causing to the water the soil and the ‘worms and birds and bees’ so to say and you may get a picture of what the situation is today. All of us as you can see; are trying to find a way out of this impasse. On one hand we cannot let our profits go because we will not be able to continue and the World will actually starve, on the other hand we are rushing headlong into destroying the BASE of producing FOOD for SURVIVAL and that is the SOIL the WATER and the AIR. Like I said earlier if given a free hand the GIANT Corporations will; in the name of survival and fitness have us swallowing pills in place of a good hearty meal at the table. I wonder how satisfied I will be to have my Pizza delivered to me as a medical strip. Food is not just survival, it means to me as for all, a warm kitchen, lovely aromas, togetherness, celebrations, fine dining and get-together, barbecue by camp fires and most of all the binding force of a Family having dinner with laughter and shared LOVE.

Open Letter to Pope Francis


When recently, on a visit to southern India, I saw so many new churches , I got the idea to write an open letter to Pope Francis. He is getting a lot of praise for his ‘bold’ statements in the west. However, so far he only talks about ‘respectful coexistence of religions’. He needs to walk his talk and stop conversion. Here is my letter:

Respected Holy Father,

Great hope for a positive change in the Catholic Church is pinned on your Pontificate and recent statements indicate that this hope may not be misplaced. The future, your Holiness said in November 2013, is in the “respectful coexistence of diversity and in the fundamental right to religious freedom in all its dimensions, and not in muting the different voices of religion”.

This statement makes eminent sense and would need to be implemented by all who presently do not subscribe to a…

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