The Outright Lies Being Touted About Solving the Problem of WORLD HUNGER.

Can industrialized farming solve the problem of World Hunger?

Food security can be achieved by each community becoming self sufficient. This calls in for the empowerment of the small farms which take care of local needs. If you are thinking that industrialization and large scale farming will solve the problem, then be assured that it wont change anything. Just think of this; the developing countries are the ones that are suffering from food shortages. They are the ones who cannot afford to have the green revolution tech; intensive farming. The solution to that is to encourage and support small farms and reduce the costs of inputs so that they will be able to stay afloat as well as fulfill the needs of their immediate neighbors. This is possible only through Organic Farming.
The other point you have to think about is that the production of Food if taken in totality is more than enough to feed the whole world and some to spare, but even when so much of food is being produced in the world why is more than half of the world going hungry? If solving world hunger was the aim of the developed and rich countries then it can be done right now by a more equitable distribution of food, but that has never happened and never will. The newer and newer technologies that are being researched into, in the name of solving the world hunger problem is nothing but an eye wash. It is obvious that the real reason for that is to “Control” the food production and supply. If more and more farmers start getting self sufficient and local communities start getting well fed and if these farmers stop depending on the industrialized products for farming, a major source of income will suddenly dry up for the (so called) developed countries. Looking at the precarious Economy that they are perched on and after having exhausted the Market for consumer goods their attention has turned to food production. That is the last frontier that has not been industrialized. If this opportunity is taken away from them then they will have nothing to look forward to, to save their sinking economies.That is why they are fighting tooth and nail to spread myths about Agriculture, and raising the bogey of food shortages. That is why they are running scared of Earth friendly self sustainable Agriculture. It will break their powerful grip on directing the World Economy. Think of this deeply and tell me what I say does not contain the Truth.


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