Does Pure water exist anywhere in our towns and cities today?

I read about an experiment conducted on water which was Microwaved. Two plants were watered with

1. plain tap water and

2.water after using micro-waves on it.

The second plant just died after a month of struggle. The rest of the conditions for the plants were same of course. What i mean to say is either we do not know much about water or even if someone has found out; a lot of the nature of water it is not yet widespread knowledge.

I do agree when people say that water was not Pure even in the early days. The definition of Purity needs to be examined. If purity means a Lab. specimen kind of purity then it was definitely not; but if purity means life sustaining, free from contaminants which cause incurable diseases then it was pure.

Another thing to be considered is that e-coli and other parasites are always there, but we should remember that man has evolved through millions of years in a SYMBIOTIC relationship. The human body has evolved to an extent where it can handle such impurities on it’s own using some to it’s benefit and some eliminated. The intestines are a host to hundreds of parasites and bacteria without which a lot of the food we eat will not be metabolized correctly. I wonder how many of us know that the Great hero in our blood stream, the “War Factory” the “Swat Team” the “Protein Factory” namely The Mitochondria DOES NOT HAVE HUMAN GENOMES indicating that it was adopted and nurtured by the human body in the process of evolution to serve it’s own well-being. Strictly speaking it is a PARASITE. But we do not survive for long if it is absent in us today.

I would rather go by “Pure enough” rather than just “Pure” in the Laboratory sense.

I can’t help but add one point here, and that is the claim of “Curative Properties” the most Famous being “The Waters Of The Grotto of Our Lady Of Lourdes”. Non-Believers say that it is “FAITH” and the Placebo effect of the human mind. It is not the only place which carries this property. There are many lesser known places. What I want to say as a Rationalist to the people who pooh pooh it, is, “How much do we know of WATER?”. Do we really know everything that there is to know about it?

When we show conceit of our own knowledge then all doors to Knowing bang shut.

When confronted with taste I believe that our tongues have evolved into recognizing and rejecting harmful stuff, unless of-course we get preconditioned by hypnotism of the ad-world. Now that’s a whole new kettle of different fish. What i want to emphasize is this, is it mot probable that our senses do have an ability to recognize and reject harmful things to our health. Remember the first cigarette of your life? or the first alcoholic drink? like many you might have felt a bit sick until you forced yourself to adopt to it. This inherent knowledge of our bodies gets adjusted to the toxins that we imbibe and in the end when our natural resistance to diseases is burdened with more than it is built for we get sick, really sick.

And that is what is happening all over the World, the bad food, the bad water, the bad air, meaning toxin filled stuff, is taking toll, and what are we doing about it?

We are doing the most stupidest of things that anyone can imagine, instead of stopping poisoning our lives we are just pouring in unimaginable amounts of ill afforded resources into finding “cures” for our maladies.

NONSENSE does not have limits I guess.



Are we eating good food today?

Agriculture as it is being practiced and promoted today is not sustainable. It is surviving in the Intensive Care Unit; Institutional support, Governmental Subsidies, Philanthropic help is what is keeping the whole exercise going. There is something very fundamentally wrong with our practices. The food that we eat today may LOOK better than what we ever produced before, but the various health problems faced by the World’s Population have been directly connected the nutrition in the food that is being produced. The food may have a lot of the basic proteins and carbohydrates that it should have but they have just that and maybe some of them only that without the VITAL trace vitamins and minerals that they OUGHT to have resulting in serious lack of health. It’s costing lives. Add to that the toxicity being imbued when chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used and this is just to the humans I am talking of. After that add the devastation it is causing to the water the soil and the ‘worms and birds and bees’ so to say and you may get a picture of what the situation is today. All of us as you can see; are trying to find a way out of this impasse. On one hand we cannot let our profits go because we will not be able to continue and the World will actually starve, on the other hand we are rushing headlong into destroying the BASE of producing FOOD for SURVIVAL and that is the SOIL the WATER and the AIR. Like I said earlier if given a free hand the GIANT Corporations will; in the name of survival and fitness have us swallowing pills in place of a good hearty meal at the table. I wonder how satisfied I will be to have my Pizza delivered to me as a medical strip. Food is not just survival, it means to me as for all, a warm kitchen, lovely aromas, togetherness, celebrations, fine dining and get-together, barbecue by camp fires and most of all the binding force of a Family having dinner with laughter and shared LOVE.

Open Letter to Pope Francis


When recently, on a visit to southern India, I saw so many new churches , I got the idea to write an open letter to Pope Francis. He is getting a lot of praise for his ‘bold’ statements in the west. However, so far he only talks about ‘respectful coexistence of religions’. He needs to walk his talk and stop conversion. Here is my letter:

Respected Holy Father,

Great hope for a positive change in the Catholic Church is pinned on your Pontificate and recent statements indicate that this hope may not be misplaced. The future, your Holiness said in November 2013, is in the “respectful coexistence of diversity and in the fundamental right to religious freedom in all its dimensions, and not in muting the different voices of religion”.

This statement makes eminent sense and would need to be implemented by all who presently do not subscribe to a…

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The name should have been self-explanatory but like all things on this earth it has gotten hi-jacked by many self-serving people and groups. Like the misuse of ‘Natural ‘and ‘Organic’ and it looks like you want to give it a definition. Let’s put it this way then:

  1. Conservation of LIFE is the primary goal.
  2. Admitting that the health of the EARTH is intrinsically intertwined with LIFE.
  3. Re-look at all the processes of Human endeavor which are purported to be PROGRESS.
  4. Establish a system of using resources WITHOUT DESTROYING the delicate balance of nature.
  5. PROCEED to restore the Health of the EARTH.

Well this sounds like some vague ivory tower Philosophy but the practical application of these principles will lead one to the practice of SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE. The actual practice of Sowing and Reaping, of Dairy Farming, of Poultry Farming, of Sheep Rearing, and so many more associated practices will vary from one geographical region to another but the principles mentioned should be the guides. To put it very shortly STOP RAPING THE EARTH. If we are under the illusion that Earth is a dead piece of dirt we will realize as we are already doing that it is not. It is a DYNAMIC ENTITY which keeps correcting all the imbalances. HUMANS are a part of this entity but not very important in the larger scheme of things. They may get eradicated in the re-balancing act. Just remember what happened to the Dinosaurs. Human life is equally inconsequential in the larger perspective of LIFE.

  Sounds like a Doomsday Soothsayer’s warning? Don’t get it wrong I am not personifying EARTH but we have worn the mantle of ‘CONSCIOUS THINKING BEINGS’ and it’s imperative that we behave as such.

Mr. Srinivasan, (6th post, writing 101)


I run a small cafeteria near a city Metro Station. Good Hot Food is my USP.

For the last few days I had seen this aged guy, very polite, very unassuming, a timid kind of guy. He would come just as we were getting ready to close for the night.

He would say “anything left over?” as if expecting us to get annoyed with him for holding us up. The user-friendly services, for people that I had provided, to sit and eat their food, were four brightly colored plastic tables with four chairs each, spread around an open yard. It had rained that evening. And there was no place for anyone to park themselves. The bitterly cold rain had forced everyone to seek shelter in their own cozy homes. Very few people had come in to eat though it had stopped raining.

We had decided to close early when he walked in. He ordered for his usual Rice and a vegetable curry, and a bowl of curds.

“Your business must have been very low today” he said.

“Yes Sir very much so” I said.

” I like the food you serve, you see my age does not allow me to have anything which is not freshly made. Since the time I have been eating here my health has improved” he said

“How Old are you Sir?” on cue. But actually I wanted to know. He would remind anyone of a kindly Uncle they might have.  That’s the kind of way he had, of looking at you. My heart had gone out to him.

“I am 71” he said.

“Do you live nearby?” I asked


“Family?” I asked

“I have a big Family, two sisters, and a younger brother” he said

“You have a wife and children sir?” I asked.

It was quite common for people with a home and family to eat at my place regularly rather than at home, either to keep their diet schedules or just to save their wives and children from waiting up for them for dinner. This city was one hell of a place for commuting, keeping schedules or just having a simple family life. Most of the people who worked for their living had a chance to be in touch with people at home only on weekends and holidays. The bane of all cities all over the world.

“I live alone” he said

I was a bit uncomfortable to ask him anything more, for I was not ready to hear the answers. Looking at his age, I guessed there were some personal tragedies involved for his single status.

He must have guessed from the look on my face, because he had an amused smile when he said,

“I am a bachelor”

My face must have cleared up visibly for he laughed.

” You must be wondering why?” He said. “I will tell you when you have more time, I can see that you are eager to run back home to your wife and kids”.

” I didn’t mean to pry sir” I said

“No no no don’t think that. I really want to tell you, because I see that you really listen, rather than just hear the sounds that people make. And I can see empathy” he said.

“Very astute” I was thinking. for I had grown genuinely fond of him without realizing it.

“You remind me of my Mother’s Uncle who helped my Dad when he was in dire straits. He allowed us to stay in his house, until my Father recovered from his financial shambles, but we ended up staying there till all of us, my brother and sisters  finished our colleges and hit out on our own. We got so attached to him. He became a sort of Guide and Mentor to us”. I said

” I feel honored to get compared to a favorite person in your life” he said.

See? that was the kind of person he was. He was a guy obviously well-off, his watch, his clothes, and the car he drove made it amply obvious, but here he was saying he was honored to be compared to a family member of small guy like me, struggling to keep, a not very profitable diner, from getting blown away to oblivion. My respect for him soared.

“The best part of it was that my grand-uncle was a confirmed bachelor too”. my wonder at it obvious.

He smiled delightedly “See? we do have a connection, you and I. How old is he?” He asked

“Passed away long back sir” i said

“I am sorry”. he said, “will you do me a favor?”Sure sir anytime” I said

” OK then quit calling me ‘ sir’, I am Srinivasan, you can call me Uncle if you want, but never by that silly British left-over” he laughed.

” You were there, during the British Rule?”. I was curious. There were very few people alive nowadays, who were actually there during those times.

“Yes”  he said  “And I was around 12 yrs old when they left”. I could detect some deep disturbance and a kind of sadness in his voice, his eyes had a far-away look in them. He shook himself out of it and said “Hey! I am keeping you from closing up, let’s chat some other time. And thank you for the lovely dinner”. He made it sound that he had actually had a four course gourmet dinner.

He paid up and walked back slowly to where he had parked his car. He seemed tired unlike when, he had walked in, as if eating a meal had exhausted him. I attributed it to the cold and late hour, combined with his age. I could see him driving off slowly and carefully as was his regular habit. But today I sensed he was much slower, and kind of preoccupied. Could anyone say that about a person looking at their driving? I was wondering, or was it something I detected in him in our talk tonight. I did not think of it anymore that day as I got busy in closing up.

Many days passed and Mr. Srinivasan would turn up for dinner and unobtrusively have his usual rice. If I was not busy in the kitchen I would personally serve him which always elicited a profusely humble ‘thank you’ from him.

Then one day it happened; though I was not open for business, I was there in the diner, to do a round of cleaning up. After a lot of scrubbing and wiping and washing and cleaning I had just plonked down with a cigarette and a cup of steaming tea when he turned up.

“I noticed that you were here even on your weekly-off day, any thing special?” he smiled.

“Nothing Uncle i was just doing a bit of spring cleaning, can’t afford unhygienic conditions to prevail” I said.

“This is why I eat here” he said beaming his approval.

I offered him some tea and we got to talking and before long he was telling me his story.

“You expressed curiosity about the times when the British were here in India no? In a way it is connected to why I remained a bachelor. Well I became aware of them when I was 8 yrs’ old. Until then I had not known that my Father was a Freedom Fighter. I remember that night. The Police barged into our house and arrested my Father. His trial ended quickly and he was thrown into the dreaded Andaman island’s cellular jail. Our house, bank accounts, and all and every bit of property that we possessed was confiscated. We became untouchables among our friends and relatives. I don’t blame anyone; for Govt. retaliation was swift and terrible. We moved away to a different town and my mother worked hard as a domestic help to keep us alive. Within a year of over-work and semi-starvation; which finally resulted in tuberculosis, my Mother died. I had no time to even grieve her death. Both my sisters were polio afflicted and could not move without being carried. My brother was hardly 5 yrs old. My one and only task was to find some means of feeding all of us. I would go every day in search of work, any work, to get a few ‘paisas’ to buy something to eat. Sometimes I would find work and sometimes I had to beg  for food. On the night we got our Independence there was great celebration all around us. A group of people celebrating found the  four of us huddled under a Railway bridge which was our home. Urging us to celebrate our “Freedom” they showered on us a few Rupees. I wanted so much to shout at them about what my Father had sacrificed to achieve this day.  I did not, instead, I just gathered the 4 rupees that lay scattered on the ground. The next morning I went and bought a good meal for my siblings and a push-cart for myself, and a few vegetables from the market. That was the start of my journey into the world of business. All my life I have worked hard to educate my siblings. I worked hard  not to have them feel the absence of my Dad and Mom. Gradually I earned enough to get prosthetic support for both my sisters and also give a sizable Dowry and got them married. My brother finished college and joined me in my business. My Father they said had died in a failed attempt to escape from the terrible “Kala Paani” cellular jail of the Andaman. My relatives claimed all our ancestral property declaring that they were his next of kin and there were no other claimants. I came to know of it much later. I bought all of it including the house from where my Father had been arrested. I am staying there now. I never found the time to get married and start my own family.”

I just sat there stunned after he had finished, for a very long time. He too was immersed in his own reminiscences, reliving lost memories once again, I could see it in his eyes after the moisture from my eyes had cleared. But i could see no rancor nor any trace of bitterness in them. Here was a man who had accepted the shit life had doled out to him and won.

“Did you not try to get the help that the Indian Govt. was giving out to the families of Freedom Fighters?” I asked

He looked at me with those kindly tired eyes. I remember thinking “Whatever made me think that this was a timid man?”. I saw the quiet steel in them.

” That would mean that I was selling my Father’s sacrifices for my worldly comforts, wouldn’t it Vije?. I wouldn’t insult his honor so badly”. he said.

This was the true blood that had fought for OUR FREEDOM. Now I know what the Struggle for Freedom involved and what kind of people had done it.

I saw then in a flash ; all the Martyrs right there ; in him.

And I also learnt that day what it was to revere a Man.

My Daughter (The 5th challenge)


                                            I remember like it was yesterday, the doctors brought you out of the delivery room, dumped the bundle that was you, in my arms and said “take care of your daughter”. Your Mom had to be taken care of for you were born of a ‘C’ Section operation. I wouldn’t attempt to recall the feelings that drowned me in their intensity. I would not have the words for it. Before I knew it, you were out of my arms cycling away to school. Before long you were sharing very feminine things only with your Mom. I did not want you growing up so fast.

                                            And now I see you a young Woman of your own young strong beautiful world, confident and strong enough to reach out when I might stumble. I have hoped to leave you a better world and a better place in the world. Only you, will know in the Long Run, if I have been successful.

                                           I have never stopped being in wonder of the Miracle that your Mom performed in bringing you to me. You have been the beacon and you will carry our torch forward.