Sadly it has become essential today to differentiate kinds of capitalism when in a simple world it had only one meaning. Today it is “ETHICAL  V/S  UNETHICAL CAPITALISM”. There will always be people who will try to obfuscate the meaning of capitalism and take advantage of it to loot.

There is a very big difference in making money and looting money. Capitalism as it has been defined in the philosophical and moral sense is the investment of one’s thinking power and physical effort into creating goods or services of value for exchange for a higher value corresponding to the value addition done by the one and is under no restriction on the fixation of the price of that value addition by any other, other than the one who has done the value addition. Capitalism is a natural outcome of human existence just like his eating food and drinking water. As he is a rational being and lives by the only tool of survival that he has that is the brain he does so by building a social relationship with fellow humans by trading his skill and value added creations and that is the capital he uses; his brain. The by-product of this endeavor of his to add value to his services and goods is called the instrument of exchange, and in the modern world it exists in the form of a promissory note printed on paper which is “money” There have been different instruments in different ages, like gold, silver, and even sea-shells in the hoary past. This exercise of humans is called “making” money. Anything that involves acquiring money without the exchange of value is called looting or mooching.

I have referred to the unethical practices of large corporations who seemingly give people a value in exchange for money but is far more inflated than the actual value addition, and people are bamboozled by false advertisements, force feeding  or downright political and governmental patronage or religious patronage, all unethical in a “FAIR and FREE” society.

See how difficult it is to explain? Do you know that there is enough and more food in this World produced every year and millions of tons are just wasted, and that is true even in the poor countries. This happens due to a real absence of “Freedom” and “Fair-play”. There are always victims of this but it is unfair that “children” bear the brunt of this when they have done nothing willfully to be a part of this corruption.



It looks like I do have a serious misunderstanding of “Capitalism” as it is being understood today. I studied it as one of the various means of economic systems that various peoples through time have applied for the progress of mankind and in a narrower sense the nations. The common underlying aim of all the systems was ‘the progress of humankind’. I did not know that a separation of this underlying meaning has ceased to exist. I was under the impression that this separation was done to quantify and qualify at school and college levels to make it easier to study the mechanism of the subjects. But when that stage of the system is understood then a comparative study is made to assess the efficacy of each system towards the final goal of the system. If capitalism is a mechanism to earn money by owning the means of further creation of money by an individual then it is obviously the only system of economics that exists. It is differentiated from say a communist system because the aim of that system is not ownership of the means of money making by individuals or fascism where the ownership lies with the Dictator or with imperialism where it is owned by the king. But the ownership of the means of investment to create wealth always exists.  And when we finally come down to it capitalism is what is practiced as an economic system for the creation of wealth, whether by individuals or the commune or a dictator or a king. It is the system of investing and reaping, very simple. That is exactly why I said it is as natural to humans as breathing and eating. So why is a distinction made in dividing them into different systems? The distinction is in the individual freedom of anyone in a Democratic setup to choose to do it individually and not do it if he doesn’t want to. Unlike the other systems human beings are free to choose. But the choice also has to me made with regards to the Morality involved. If as you say Capitalism starts and ends at putting in the investment, buying the knowledge and producing the goods or services which are in demand and nothing more or less to it, then there is nothing stopping a rich person from buying heavy arms investing some more in buying mercenaries and going around collecting money by threatening and coercion, as his “business” will be to collect money and he has invested money in it and he is nothing more than an honest to god “capitalist”. That I don’t think is what you mean, As soon as you say that “that” is against the law and as soon as a person’s actions are judged then it is but natural to say that the perp’s. action was bereft of morality. You cannot separate the consequences from the action. As soon as you start judging the consequences then you start making a moral judgment. I think you are beginning to understand that there is no separation. Only a person with an intention of engaging in looting will insist that any of the “isms” carry no moral tab. and that situation is called “anarchy”

Check your premises, “civilization” is all about morality and has nothing to do with wealth, but we can always choose not be a participant in a civilized society, and that is freedom but every other man can choose in his own freedom that he doesn’t like you and kills you, that is anarchy in direct opposition to civilization, therefore if you choose to live in a civilized society then freedom means freedom to act and behave morally and not freedom to loot and rape and that is a prerequisite that guides all civilized human beings, there has never been nor is there any scope to separate morality from any action of a civilized man and that goes for “CAPITALISM” too.