Governments and the people they govern.

Through time immemorial there has been a constant tussle between the people and their Governments. It has always seemed like people are never satisfied with whatever kind of governance they have nor the actions for public benefit that they take. The basic fact is that humans have an inherent hatred of being controlled and the nature of any kind of governance is control. Ancient history reveals that the then governments would control the armies and other instruments of aggression as this would be a means of amassing wealth and if the fallout of wealth accumulation spread to the populace then things were hunky dory and such kind of fallout was cleverly allowed to happen so that there would always be a constant supply of personnel for the war efforts and accumulation of more power and wealth. Such governments lasted long and glorified as progressive benign and clever in the annals of history. But one thing is certain; any progress that happened was accidental to the process of keeping control of the power of controlling the wealth and the populace nothing more and nothing less. The age of amassing wealth through war and aggression slowly subsided and became a crime with the advent of the Industrial age. The basic tenets of governance did not change but only the means of achieving the goal; that of amassing wealth, by a few ambitious individuals and their cronies continued. Now it was economic warfare that was the tool. The transition period from open aggression to a covert one facilitated the combination of both and the end saw a few countries having taken a major portion of the pie by hook or crook and ending up as the wealthy nations of today’s world. The small section of people of these countries who govern them proved to be more ambitious and greedy than others. One can observe that Governments and Industry and Trade were one and the same through the transition period. Those few people were the ones who governed and traded and ran the industries during those times. When times started changing to a Democratic way of thinking and a clamor for freedom from overbearing and oppressive regimes started getting too loud the necessity to appear that the governments were apart from industry and trade became a compulsion. Thus in all appearances Governments seemed to separate from trade and commerce, the modern tools of aggression for amassing wealth. But in reality they have not. The tools of amassing wealth and power are still maintained by a few ambitious people who appear to be different from the Government but are just two sides of a coin. There cannot be a Government without Wealth which in turn translates to power and there cannot be wealth without industry, therefore wealth generated by industry is the only means to power and power of governance is the only means to control industry, and if anyone who tries to shake this foundation of wealth and power then that idea or individual or a group is ruthlessly thwarted and eliminated. That’s a threat to the whole fabric of modern society and has a potential to rent it asunder.
The modern tools of amassing wealth ie industry commerce and trade are the Governments of any country in this modern age. The population is allowed to believe that the Government is there to get them the best deal from the wealth producing instruments that being the Corporate World, or The Companies, or whatever they are known as in different countries. This false idea; that has been carefully inculcated into the populations; is to prevent people revolting and a situation of anarchy to prevail. Governments of all countries would like things to be industrialized and controllable, therefore even research and budgets are directed towards that. If anything that the government does helps people then it is either out of political compulsion or an accidental by product of their existence. It is a power game and if people are not aware of this then they will pay the price, tragic but true.
People like us will always be there to create awareness and churn the cauldron so that the powers that be do not take off on a runaway exercise of exploitation. Most of the people in Governments’ employment are experts at planning on devising means to convince people that they are working day and night for the sole benefit of the population. And Industry is their main poster boy. And GDP is their measure of achievement. All this has been constantly revealed about all Governments in hindsight from time immemorial, but that’s the way it is. Just being aware of it is half the battle won. And only that much is possible. And only churning is desirable; the pot should never be upturned.
If the government wins the whole battle, then there is despotism; if the people win it there is anarchy, and these are the very things that are not very desirable to have.